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The Introduction

The legendary Drag Queens Vanessa van Cartier and Envy Peru will be dropping exclusive digital art inspired by their most iconic Drag looks to date. You will now be able to own your own unique Drag art piece, showcasing the Queens in the most stylish looks derived from the modern colours and patterns of pop-art. Each of the art pieces come with a special offering attached to it that will give you, the owner, exclusive benefits.

The digital art collection is called Drag Queens Illustrated and will be divided into 4 tiers differentiated by price and perks that you can choose from. All tiers will be available for sale on the 13th of May 2022.

The most magnificent Drag production in Europe

The Rotterdam Drag Show is the first high-end drag production in the Netherlands and a unique drag show in the world. This stems from a deep desire to give the art form of drag the stage it deserves.

In that same spirit we set forward to launch the Drag Queens, Illustrated site. A place where drag as an art form is translated into beautifully designed art. This fits seamlessly with the ambition of The Rotterdam Drag show. To help create a community that celebrates the art of Drag.

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Vanessa van Cartier

Flemish Italian Queen Vanessa van Cartier, is a Drag Queen based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Ghent, Belgium. Making her mark in the bigger drag scene by becoming the first European trans queen to win the Miss Continental pageant in Chicago.

She was the crowning winner of the second season of Drag Race Holland. With her legend worthy lip syncs and her polished sophisticated style of Drag, Vanessa van Cartier has conquered many hearts both on stage and off.

She is also the drag mother of Drag Race Holland season 1 winner Envy Peru. Vanessa van Cartier is also performing at Europe’s biggest and most exceptional production of Drag, The Rotterdam Drag Show.

Envy Peru

Peruvian doll, Envy Peru possesses a sweet personality with a fiery performance and fashion style. Her sensual and sultry makeup looks have garnered her devoted fans. The seductive beauty Queen is based in Amsterdam and is the iconic winner of the first Dutch Drag Race season.

Envy is a strong performer at heart and can lift any event, taking it to a whole another level. Owing to her mesmerising lip sync performances and her flirtatious demeanour, Envy Peru has been featured in mainstream media with YouTube sensations such as NikkieTutorials. Her notable collaborations are with the world’s biggest brands and artists, notably MAC Cosmetics. Miss Envy Peru also performs at one of Europe’s biggest and most exceptional productions of Drag, The Rotterdam Drag Show.

Envy Reflect

Get your art

Long term goals

All exclusive art holders will be a part of a distinct community for drag, taking part in spreading the message of empowerment and confidence.

  • Art holders will get a chance to participate in online classes hosted by the Queens for lessons on artistry, cosmetics, and performance.
  • Art holders will be part of an online Drag community, participating in creating unique experiences both online and offline.
  • One talented art holder will get the opportunity to perform at the Rotterdam Drag Show alongside world famous Queens, chosen via a video audition. The video auditions will be voted on by the community of art holders.

All the above is only applicable for registered buyers.

The Story

Drag has always been about showmanship, creativity, expression and art. We transform ourselves through the art of drag. Our art form has seen many different platforms from pubs to stage to television. We are excited about taking you with us into the next stage of media evolution. Strengthening the Drag community.

Evolving in the digital world, we want to make a mark with unique one-of-a-kind Drag art pieces based on 2 of the most iconic Drag Queens in the vibrant Drag scene: Vanessa van Cartier and Envy Peru.

The art collection called “Drag Queens, Illustrated” is a set of 10 unique one-of-a-kind designs created for each Queen (22 in total). The designs are converted into 582 ownable art pieces that you can purchase through our website.
This collection encapsulates shining features and distinctive elements of the Queens themselves in their most notable and legendary garb.

The style of the Queens is central to the art collection pieces, bringing forward the extravagant nature of drag with an exquisite pop-art design style. Merging the illustrative art with Drag is an innovative new way to showcase Drag to the world.

We care deeply about the power of transformation and empowerment through Drag, and digital art provides an avenue for more people to explore and realise this vision. The two Queens are hosted by and perform at the biggest Drag show performance spectacle in Europe: The Rotterdam Drag Show. Here, Drag merges with community of people from different walks of life to celebrate the art with the performers.

It’s because we do it for the movement, the community, the art and the performance. We do it for you.

Queen Artwork


The digital art collection “Drag Queens Illustrated” is inspired and created by 2 drag Queens: Vanessa Van Cartier and Envy Peru. It is an artistic rendition of Drag in the style of pop art to bring the performance of Drag into the digital world.